Reporting Maintenance And Repair Issues.

To report a maintenance or repair problem,  send a detailed email, leave a voicemail or send a text to our maintenance team.  The email and phone number below, are monitored regularly.


 Call or Text: 765-400-3491 

What Happens Next?

Your request will be evaluated. We give priority to issues effecting safety and habitability.  Other requests are processed along with routine maintenance.

Who Will Do The Work?

We have a team of independent service providers, available to evaluate and address the repairs needed. A service provider  will be selected, based on availability and ability to address the specific need.

Scheduling The Work.

Once your request has been evaluated and a service provider has been assigned, the service provider will contact you, to make arrangements to access your rental unit.  We do not provide keys to the service provider. 

Does Someone Need To Be Home During The Repair?

We do recommend, that you make arrangements, to have the work done, when you are available to meet repair technician and provide access. We discourage hiding a key or leaving your unit unlocked. You are welcome to do so, at your own risk.

What If There Is Problem With The Service Provider?

We have several service providers, who work for us, on a regular basis. If you have a problem or are simply not comfortable with any of our service providers, let us know. We can always reassign the work to another provider.